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    Welcome to Tubba and Friends, where imagination knows no bounds. As a dedicated children's brand, we passionately craft delightful stories, imaginative characters, and heartwarming tales of kindness, friendship, and adventure. Explore our world of high-quality picture books, engaging activities, unique merchandise, and educational media designed to inspire young minds. Tubba and Friends is not just a brand; it's a heartfelt journey into creativity, discovery, and a sense of wonder, connecting with families and bringing joy to every adventure. Join us on this exciting journey!"

  • BOOK SERIES | Tubba and Friends

    Embark on a magical journey with Tubba and Friends through our debut children's book series, 'The Big Music Jamboree!' Tailored for children aged 2-7, but equally delightful experience for families of all ages. Each book is meticulously crafted, featuring playful rhymes, vivid illustrations, and exciting adventures. Join Tubba and Friends in whimsical tales of music jamborees, lunar escapades, and joyful camaraderie. Tubba and Friends offer enchanting stories and serve as a platform to cultivate values of friendship, kindness, and adventure.

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  • CHARACTERS | 10 unique designs

    Discover the magic of Tubba and Friends through our whimsical characters – 10 unique designs brought to life with creativity and joy. Designing these unique animal characters for the brand was fun and allowed us to get fashionable with attire and playful with the musical instruments. Meet our lovable main character, Tubba Bear, and her friends: Dotty Pig, Toby Tiger, Messi Monkey, Sadie Duck, Fancy Fox, Eli Rabbit, Luna Owl, Ivan Elephant, and Pete E. Penguin.

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  • MERCHANDISE | Apparel / Toys

    Tubba and Friends extend their world beyond the pages of children's books, venturing into diverse categories. Explore our collection of children's and adult apparel, engaging toys, and appealing collectibles, including an exciting blind-box series. The brand's potential expands to licensing opportunities in various categories, from toddler-influenced houseware items like bottles, plates, and cups. Tubba and Friends aim to create a lasting impression, providing today's children with memorable companions to grow up with.

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  • LOGOS | Two designs

    Explore Tubba and Friends' identity through our two thoughtfully designed logos, radiating excitement and fun. With bold colors, distinctive lettering, and visually engaging characters, these logos are not just kid-focused but also parent-approved. Our aim is to fortify the brand by establishing a connection to our products through character-driven logos and unique, welcoming colors. These logos serve as a symbol representing the essence of fun.

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  • ANIMATED SERIES | (Concept 20x7)

    Embark on our visionary journey as Tubba and Friends unfold into an animated series. Our long-term concept involves bringing the beloved characters from the books to life, introducing new written stories and adventures. Envision a 20-episode run, each episode lasting 7 minutes, perfectly tailored for the preschool to kindergarten market (ages 0 to 6). Join us as we bring the magic of Tubba and Friends to the animated screen, creating an immersive experience for the youngest hearts and minds.

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